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Talents & Legends - Brewski - 33 cl. Amager Bryghus Se fuld størrelse

Talents & Legends - Brewski - 33 cl. Amager Bryghus

IPA 6,5% (India pale ale)

Stilart:Amerikansk IPA

En kraftig humlet pale ale, med markant præg af amerikanske og mere moderne humletyper.

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Tilgængelighed: Denne vare er ikke længere på lager

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DKK 36,00

DKK 36,00 pr. stk.

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Sarah Bernhardt, maybe the greatest actress in the history of French theater. The quintessence of a femme fatale with her extravagant way of living and her dozens of scandalous affairs. Constantly broke, due to her son’s gambling habit, she would often go away on long world tours simply to gain revenue to continue her flamboyant lifestyle. Such a tour took her to Northern Europe in 1888. However, on this tour Sarah completely disappeared for 14 days, and not even her impresario had any clue of her whereabouts. When Sarah finally reappeared it was obvious that she had gained weight, quite a bit actually, but she utterly refused to talk about what had happened during those two weeks. Only years later the truth was revealed, bit by bit. It turns out that a rich, Danish pastry chef with an affection for the stage had seen Sarah perform at The Royal Danish Theatre. Kasimir Frederiksen fell in love right there on the spot. How he managed to seduce Sarah Bernhard away from the theater is still somewhat shrouded in mystery, since he certainly was not a good looker. But as a pastry chef he was a genius. For those two weeks Sara lived almost entirely off the small but delicious pastry he had named after her, a small wonder in all its simplicity: an almond meringue, filled with a coffee cocoa ganache and dipped in warm, melted chocolate. But after two weeks entirely on this diet even Sarah had had enough and fled the pastry chef’s mansion. They were never to meet again, but the legacy of their rather unusual affair lives on even today in The Sarah Bernhard Cake, a Danish classic.
This beer is the result of a collaboration with the great folks of Bearded Iris Brewing, Nashville, TN, USA